The Deli Chef® is perfect for all Foodservice Operations which can benefit from the following great advantages

Automatic Ejection System

This special Feature conveniently dispenses and slides the product down the sandwich glide after the cooking cycle has been completed. This assures you that the product will never be overcooked or undercooked. The Deli Chef® is the only grill that gives PRODUCT CONSISTENCY every time. With the Deli Chef® system, the sandwich can either be served by the operator or picked up by the customer after it has been automatically dispensed. This feature is a real labour-saver for the operator.

Easy Cleaning

Top and bottom cast aluminum cooking plates are treated with the industry's most advanced coating. Unlike grills that are difficult to clean, Deli Chef® cooking surfaces can simply be cleaned with a cloth or a scrubber sponge.

Height Adjustment Handle

The special hinge design allows the operator to set different height adjustments for the cooking plate according to the thickness of the sandwich.

Model A1's
Top Plate

Height 13/16" (20 mm)
1 1/4" (31 mm)
Model A2's
Top Plate

Height 1 1/16" (27 mm)
1 3/4" (44 mm)
2 11/32" (59 mm)
2 15/16" (74 mm)
Product-Ready Alarm

After the product is cooked to perfection, the cooking process stops and the alarm lets the operator know it is ready. The unit is equipped with 13 different alarm choices, including no alarm.

Digital Controls

Unlike manual systems, our digital displays let the operator know at a glance the present temperature and the time remaining in the cooking cycle. The sandwich will never be overcooked or undercooked due to operator error because the Deli Chef® will automatically dispense the product.

Preset Cooking Times and Temperatures

There is no guesswork with the Deli Chef® system. You can preset up to 5 cooking times for perfect products every time. The cooking temperature range is between 100F to 500F ( 40C to 260C ).

Safe and Fast Cooking

Even heat distribution on top and bottom plates assures great energy efficiency as well as safe and fast cooking - faster than other grills. Sandwiches are grilled in approximately 1 to 3 minuites, depending on the type of sandwich and its thickness. Deli Chef® is the only grill on the world market that can CONSISTENTLY produce perfect sandwiches every time.

Fast Recovery Times

Our Specially designed heating elements cover every square inch of both the top and the bottom cooking plates. This provides even heat distribution - so, unlike other grills, the Deli Chef® has no hot or cold spots.

Prewrapping Capability

The unique Deli Chef® GrillBags®, made from heat resistant clear materials, allows you to grill the sandwiches in the package ready to be served or held in the hot deli case.

2 year warranty

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